How Do I Look Like

Monday, October 29, 2007 Baby Bee 0 Comments

Eversince...i grew up itu laa yang selalu org pertikai kan...its not that i care or anything but as i matured to the ages i really it really sick at saying that because i dunt have the A factor i am not as special as anybody could be...well get the straight fact if you were is it possible to be all the time miss perfect...anyway im comfortable in my own shoes....Maybe I do feel that i need to loose some extra weight here and there but still Im okay where health is concern I havent got any problems yet...the nicest thing was I have my own sets of friend even they dont just like me because of who I am they like me because Im being true to myself...My past experience really thought me well...the upbringing and how my parents teach me its essentials for me to really say that i really need to have different perspective in a lot of things....ever since my dad died in 2003 .....things really opened my eyes...there is so many things that i really matured in...First of all comes resposibility and there is other things as far I think it is something really good to be there all the time and I really appreciate all my frens ....

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