Saket nnyerrr....

Friday, November 02, 2007 Baby Bee 0 Comments

Welll.... I am not sure wether this is something that i should not or should write but i guess only by wrinting i can actually tell everything that i want to tell...this week is really a suck weeks for me especially when it comes to everything that i want i cant this is what started with my so calleh tunang yang ntah ape....menyusahkan aje...welll he can do anything i can't stupid and the last one would be my boss wacking my brains out for sumething that i did not do...that is why im so mad and i feel like im going to just dump myself hahah...well to tell u the truth i had it with this job....unfortunately i need to at least stay here for 1 year so that the exprience gained would make me be ready for my future...whereby i still dont have any experience. thus making it more harder for me to get a job....well what ever happen will only make me stronger for a better future least until im ready to step going to quit my job soon soon as i am here for a year then get another job and b happy about it....ahahah

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