New DEstination

Sunday, March 09, 2008 Baby Bee 0 Comments

Tak semestinye duit kite banyak kite bahagia...tak semestinye kite kaya kite bahagia tak semestinye kite cantik kite what ever it is im okay wit myself...bukti nyer skang ni negara da makin moden dulu org cakap tak mampu nak pegi luar negara tapi sejak ader air asia semua nyer mura...bape inggitg sgtg bape ratos da tak merungut da orang da tak cakap jauh da.....macam2 kemudahan fortunate to be born with everything a girl would want and better still i got a very open minded mum and educated in all aspect and a very understanding fiance..thats why....aku tak kisah ape pun rupe aku ape pun kedudukan aku aper pun poket aku boleh provide pasal i know this 2 person will love me fact i got a lot of friends who can go to a far mile just for me...that i can cound thanks to Allah because of all this,.....hopefully ill become more stronger and change my prospect and be a better Islamic girl one day....thats my dream for this year...(yo laaaa da 25 what do u expect) ahahaha ok chaowssss

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