the midlle life job crisis

Sunday, November 23, 2008 Baby Bee 0 Comments

aku sibuk bangat skang ni...keje tak menentu tambah pulak i am so damn worried with my life right now...but then aku kesian to my new boss kene tanggung macam2 sometimes i feels that i am so damn tired...kesian die aku nak tolong pun takat mane yang aku mampu kan....gitu the truth is i am awakening from something really different now..but then i really like my office and the environment tak termasuk the new increment yang melonjakkan gaji aku..haahah thanks so much boss....ahahawhat ever it is..I was helping cat the opis..ala two strokes je for the picture purpose...nengok laa how happy i am and i am going to miss all this kalau aku transfer nanti

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