At last I went back to my roots

Friday, June 05, 2009 Baby Bee 0 Comments

Quite sumetimes for me to write anything here....lame gile kann..but then I actually got no time so bz pack up with so many things to do on hand..the best part is...I move to Jb working at my root and near mama...and I got a better job wit a better salary wise and better atmosphere..only that here is more stressfull than in Kl...but I do appreciate being here for so long of a time because it really change me..and I am now officially good in english ...better than last time la....but then haaaaaa......I am happy with my hubby and life so far....actually this is okay year...the beginning sucks the middle is stressfull and maybe the end is another me coming to the world...hopefully crossed finger for that...hahah..what ever it is I'm glad I came back to my roots and be happy with it

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