Kawan ..KAwan ...Kawan

Sunday, April 20, 2008 Baby Bee 0 Comments

This month was a hell month for me...with the auditor from Japan coming to check on the store my life could not be more hectic.....to tell u the truth I cried 3 times before the auditor come...there was so many things to do and so little of times...and my boss kept presuring me....saying I have to finish this and that and giving me so many things in one time....well this was really frustrating for me..if not for the big income the company is giving me I would not have did all this...it is just so hectic....well I'm not going to talk more bout my office cuz everything settled down and the auditor da balik Jepun da....what I'm going to talk is about my fren...I wont tell names but i havent seen her for quite a while...alih2 one day i get a lot of call and here she was in front of my house stalking her bf....well thank you for that...da la tak jumpe lame and i have to wait for her fighting with her bf...well mmg laa slalu org kate what are frens for...but I never tell her all this...but its tiring to see all the dramas....I dunt get it why should she even bother to be with that loser...(loser laa pasal asik nak bergado aje all the time) to tell everybody the truth I'm sick of him ruining my frens life and my fren clinging on him so tight...mmg die ader pangkat but do happiness count.....Does it really mean that if he is not educated and not well equip wit the 5 C women nowadays want...it means that they can do everything...Well to my fren, wake up girl I miss having u to talk wit me...I have been in KL for a year but we never have time to talk at all....hopefully u resolve ur matter and my piece of advice its not every damn cents to cling on him.....but still people say it all the time Love is Blind ahahaha

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