Menyampah nye...

Saturday, April 26, 2008 Baby Bee 0 Comments was at least a difficult day for me...pegi keje cam biase tapi yang jadikan die tak bes tu pagi2 da kene bebel dek adek sorang tu die kate " akak kenape akak sombong sangat,,,tak tegur pun kite pagi....tau la orang baru kat sini...." dunt misunderstood me kid...its just that i dunt know what to say to u...that is why no words have been coming out of my mouth.....its not that i dunt like u even sumetimes u make me sick....ahaaha....lagi satu kenape laaa aku ader exec yang tak bape betolll...okay i admit kdg2 die ok but most of the time berlagak tak tentu pasal...watpe eyh...for what does it matter how much he have and what he achieve i sure dunt care...well hopefully sumething will happen and change him but eversince the last time i talk to him...i just think that the face got this "hate" up in fornt....please la bro dunt pretend just be ur self the simple u tak payah elaborate all the things u have....i have much2 more and i didnt say anythings....tatau laaa ni laaa duduk kl macam2 org jump[e....yang style gini mmg aku tak bekenan pun ahahah

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