Alice In Wonderland

Sunday, March 21, 2010 Baby Bee 0 Comments

I grow up with all the fairy tales .....the most wishable things that I really wanted was to make Malaysia snow...when ur a child and everything that u read resolve on how happy it would be if it were snowing its part of something big..and the next thing is Chrismas..its a joyfull thing...always wishing that why can't I actually celebrate it...but as I age older and become more knowing about my religions..I guess this is one of the factor that restraint me from wishing for the unthinkable...but I still love reading fairy tales and one of my favourite is Alice in Wonderland...Went to Kuantan last weeekend and got the chance to actually watch the show...the truth is on the back of my mind I tought tat I will be seeing the old version of the story but of course I am an avid fan of any Johnny Depp so I went wit it...lil did I know its a whole new story..Its a good story and JD doesn't look like Captain Jack at all except for some swagger movement..the truth is its worth all the money for this show..I like it and I would recommend it to other people that wishes to just at this age again remember how it is when u were soo small...gtg..lunch liaw hungry....

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