Are u A Woman or Just A girl

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 Baby Bee 0 Comments

Aku suke sangat beli majalah keluaran Msia ni ...jenama luar negara harga cume RM 5.60 and walau pun mama aku selalu kate takde ape2 tapi aku suke nengok fesyen die and the most important thing is aku suke sangat bace artikel2 die tu..melekat di hati...jadi aku nak kongsi la satu artikel ni untuk mengenali same ada kite ni da boleh digelar woman atau masih lagi girl.....tengok kat bawah ni and pandai2 la korang judge korang kategori mane.....
1 ) You are still a girl when you always think that cute and handsome guys is the ONE for u
2) you are a woman when u actually decide that whoever you are married to must at least have some education possibly higher than it be a good thing for you to discuss anything together
3) your a girl when u always think that on you 20's life is about enjoy and party and going holiday here and there...
4) ur a woman when u decided that the whole 3 to 4 years going here and there is a waste of time and u are still living renting when at that time u feel that u should own a house.
5) ur a girl that is always thinkng of ways to buy things ...bright colourfull things
6) u think twice when u want to buy anything..plan it and enjoy it

this is some of the things that differentiate a Woman and a tell u the truth...I am more matured now since i really think that this is the time to really not be myself....and Grow up....u should also think about that girls....

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