Bag of Love - July 2013 editions

Thursday, August 01, 2013 Baby Bee 0 Comments

post signatureI am an avid fans of the bag itself... and I missed the special edition of the bag..but still let me just go through with you just so you know what are the goodies this month and subs next month..I think it's worth the RM 39.90 price...

So here's what the bag looks like this months

see...a lot of goodies ....lets just tell everyone what's in it

1) Polka dot by Splassh Nail polish - I got the dark blue one..even try it on my nail that day....okay hence I don't know how to use it....because I am not a fan of nail polish but I might give this away to my friends

2) Loreal Professional Paris Liss Ultime Smoothing Shampoo... wow ... a tad bit long name.. I haven't used it yet but I will when I need to go to a vacation or so not..

3) Ju Ju Aquamoist facial cleansing wash....basically its a Japan product and since my facewash is still a lot so I might pospone using this and I might bring it on my trip.. I guess this kind of size is a good size for you to brings things in your small bag.

4) Freshel Pore Cover BB Cream - small tube that might comes in hand after you pray and then you could just whip this out to cover your naked face.

5) Etude house - Aloe moistfull skincare kit... well what about that..this small size item..not that small actually.. I could use it for 1 month is perfect for my travel bag

6) The Face Shope - Chia seed trial set....I also love this one ...face shop is a good product for me because I have been using it for quite some time.... so glad that they are giving us a lot of goodies...

So for those who would like to try buying the bag...

Here is the link The Bag Of Love 

Good luck girls ...I like this beauty bag and I have only missed 2 bag which is the limited editions and the debut bag....

Take care and see you soon....

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