Ammar Naufal Abd Rahim 28 May 2014 1.23 pm - My little mini me

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post signatureAssalamualaikum ...

Warning..this is going to be a long post which is also overloaded with pictures.

Alhamdulillah .... 28 May 2014  at 1.23 pm Ammar Naufal Abd Rahim was born. He came out after being inside me for quite sometime.

Rendition of my labour pain and story.

Admitted for 2 days before the doc's decided it was time to operate. Before opting for Czer.. I was told that I could generally embrace the normal labour although it was a force one due to my conditions as GDM insulin, but then the expertise Dr. told me the baby is becoming 4 kg soon and it would be hard for me to actually have a normal delivery thus an emergency czer was plan for me.

To tell you the truth I was not totally ready to be deport to the OT room .. in my mind I was thinking that I was going to be operated later in the evening. But Allah have choosen the right time for me.

The pains and new challenges was presented to me in the first time .. I succumb to what ever destiny Allah has given to me... 2 hours later.. the lil guy came out .. he was soon intubated due to breathing problem.

What ever problems that we know we are going to hear.. I am so thankful for the bundle of joy.. as of today. Ammar is already 2 month and 3 weeks and weight 4.3 kg. He's a bit light but still he's one heck of a cute boy.. Mama and babah are so proud of you .. May you be the strongest boy ever and be our pride and joy and be strong for what ever is in front of you.. Can't tell you other thing .. I will update soon once I am free...but for the moment ..enjoy the picture...

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