Sunday, September 07, 2008 Baby Bee 0 Comments

This year was a lil bit ok but then the ramadhan ni dtg time besday aku....terkilan sket la...nanti 12 sept sure nobody would remember it rite...tapi what ever la...kite pun bukan muda lagi nak slalu ingat...only the one that cares je yang ingat I guess...hahahah.....da nak masuk 25 in another 5 days and then I already bought a lot of things da for my weddings...but then macam2 lagi tak beli seyy...takpo laaaa....nanti kumpul g ...tak payah laa tunggu time nak pegi jauh2 I really thinks air itam pun da okay nak beli macam2 persiapan nak kawen ni...ahahaha I am a lil bit shock but then hopefully this year will be the year for me to get married la....ahhaah

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