ITs Been..What

Monday, June 07, 2010 Baby Bee 0 Comments

Not sure how long had me been writing all craps and feelings bout everything..but the last 3 days at home really open my eyes to the fact that I am not doing any thing for my ownself and my family..Eversince the matrimonial experience about 1 and half years back I am still job but still the old me..heavier i guess..been gaining some extra baggage this few months..hahaha..still what I am saying rite now...I am still the same me..the truth site its quite blur..but what I intend to do is to make sure...monthly I would be able to pay the amount so that nobody could call me and say me not paying this and that..For the moment I will stop applying for any credit facilities..Its not a good time and thus the most important thing is that making sure that this job last forever..But still u have to save some money..will need it in future whereby I am dreaming of going to Europe or at least Aussie by the early of the 2011....hopefully this year this 3 things will come true for me
1. Hp NetBook ( Prefferably Pink, Red or Blue in Colour)
2. Apple I Phone..and If not Black Berry but I prefer I phone..haha
3. Nikon D90 DSLR
I Guess the third one is out of grasp..but both of the item is a must this year...hopefully it will come true and i will be getting it soon..dunt want it for my besday..want it before my birhday..adios gangs...well before signing off...its not too late to wish u all..a happy eco environment day..(psst..not sure wether its right or wrong ahaha)

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