The New Me PErhaps

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 Baby Bee 0 Comments

Lately ader orang cakap kat aku.....bee....sekarang ni gambar bnyak pakai tudung eh...huhu...hahaha..i guess people are quite shock of my new revelations....terus terangnya munkin akan dikritik....aku belom bersedia totally to wear hijabs...but for now easily this is the way I want to be right now..but in future who knows right.....haahah so I am posting this picture..I love it...santek je..tenang je nengok..selalu kalau aku pakai tudung..aku selalu rase tak puas hati..muke nampak bulat la..tudung panjang la...ape la..tapi complaints yerk...I look extra cute and thanks super duper to Super Mokh for the fabulous picture...truly I would never tote I look chomel wearing proves that I am getting a year wiser in belit2 tudung and of course trying to be a better person...what do you think? do u like me wearing hijabs? hehehe....

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