On Turtle savings

Saturday, January 15, 2011 Baby Bee 2 Comments

Here's my food for thought...I know I am living in a growing city...maybe by another 10 years everything would come higher and higher....and where I am living rite now..would not be recognized...its actually what I would want it also....but this is not what I want to talk about..today as I finished my extra work in one of the exhibition handle by the uni....I was just crossing the road...saw one litlle creature walking slowly past by the the centre of the read..he was also thinking of crossing the road.. its a tortoise (or turtle i guess..the smaller one) ..and what I was thinking at this moment was that if I were to leave him...not sure what will happen to him..the road was busy and if he cross it...somebody would totally crashed him and ..I just lifted him and walked accross the road and left him on a bushes....I felt that all this development actually ruins all the posibilities of this animal to live in their habitats..not that I am and enviromentalist or anything..(have to study and makes research for all those things...but....I am really depressed becoz of this...and I would not be saying this if I can be one of them savings all the animals...hopefully they would be safe...I dont mind a new shopping centre but I would be hurt if that shopping centre ruins the animals home....I am trying to be..a better human...so that one that IF I got the power and money to change the world I will make sure that enviromental is important for me...and if I dont have any money I will ensure that the small step that I am taking will benefit for the enviromental.....and the earth will last for another 1000 years..hehehe..i have the pictures of the turtle..ill update it tomorow..today...want to go to sleeps since mr hubby is out on duty...

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Laila said...

hey just wanted to say LOVE your blog background! Where can I find it? xxx

Baby Bee said...

hey you......ill give u the url and they also have other freebies and we actually got the same name..my name is also laila..hahaha