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Hye all...the reason for this thread is that I was inspired after reading 2 pages of article for NST..... Leaving on a Jet Plane..Alone......its a surprise to most of you but for me its a normal thing because most of the time I do everything on my own..of course En Hubby will always be there by my side but because we are working in the same field I understand him sometimes of the busyness in life (yup really...err well YESS....) hahaha its not that we don't want to spend time together but most of the time..the plans kept I guess I am destinied to go anywhere alone..some of you might think why should you travels alone..well at some point....when you can't go together why not...Mr Hubby most of the times get free trips from here and there....while me..most of the time I pay for my own travels ..and he's busy as the PM.....that's why we don't try to plan our holiday together..I don't think he has time and I can't wait for his time ( by the way blabbering all this...Mr. Hubby gives me full consent to go anywhere I want to okay...) but this year we are thinking of saving for our honeymoon belated trip....both of us wish that we can go to Bali...very romantic and magnificient place with a lot of cultures heritage..1 good thing is he wouldn't mind anything I want to do and he will tag long as he brings his camera...that's all...okay this year there are some travelling escapades that I wish I hope that I can's okay to dream dream high and fly...who will obstruct's your dream here it is ya all

1) BANDUNG, Indonesia
My first time here..and we are going here on the 2nd of February 2012....couple of weeks to go..I have been dreaming of going to this shopping haven for quite some time...of course to those of you who has been to might say that its not that fun and the money that you bring does not gives you anything in return...well let just give me the chance to go there first eh...most of the time I think that different people has different methods on enjoying their holiday...of course my aim is to shop...but I will be extra carefull in organizing my rendezvous.....since money on hand is only IDR2M I guess...I don't think I will be bringing more than that because..probably either on May or July I will be going again with Lin, Dekla,Shahida and beloved mama of course....hehehe so no need to rush..once you know where to it will ensure that the 2nd trip will be a more experience one..of last trip to Indonesia was on 2007..still has the  stamped on my passport...I haven't been for that long of a time ..and the place I went was not the same....I was told that Bandung is might as well bring some sweaters around...hopefully the 4 days in Bandung will be a memorable trip...I'm going with my best sista all over the world..and the good thing is that she has a DSLR go girl for nice picca..hahaha ....okay updated it again once I went back from this needed trip (mums keeps saying that it's not a good date because January is the time for me to pay my UPM tuitions and bla bla bla) but still I'm going gals...hahaha then have to puasa for sometimes hahaha

BALI, Indonesia
If you have been following my blogs..or just seeing it..I have mentioned this holiday for quite some times..the truth is we have not yet gone to problems up ahead and no time....and we didn't plan it at this year me and En Hubby will tinker up a bottle of holiday in Bali..hopefully by the middle of the year we are going.....its something that both of us really wanted to do..and as usual En hubby won't mind going anywhere with long as we're together...middle income wagers can only permits us to go to some place within our budget..but still hopefully this year we can do that together..its our ultimate dream....I so really want to go sey...hahahha so really really want least before coming to the age of 30's...ahaha (still 28 my calender) so hopefully we will be there this year....dreams and dreams....

If I can't go to Bali then the next destination would be phuket or Krabi..ultimately if I own a DSLR camera this would be a memorable experience..but if the opportunity slips before buying a new camera..oh wth man..just go with it....this 2 places is really beautiful and has a lot to offer at a price that is not that that's why I want to go here..I guess I should start with going to all over Asia first right....then only the world itself..but ultimately I want to go to somewhere magnificiend by the age of 30...2 years up ahead for this challenge....hehe

LONDON, England
Ultimately this is my dream comes true...on 2010 I saved some money but was cut off by the fact that I had some extra baggage of not paying for my PTPTN...but now...the dreams is again fired up..I am not saying that I will be going to London this might be next year..might be another 2 years but still this will always be my dreams..starting this year I am actually saving up some money for tickets and hotels and so on..hopefully by the end of that journey something nice up ahead will show that all I guess..

Just lazy enough to write because right now I feels hungry....lunch time you know..mean while just post some of the pictures....hahahaa (p.s..buruk beno aku menulis english..damn rusty formal so ntah ape2 ...)

ok so read may be so bogus but hopefully the dream comes true liao..hehehe

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