End of The year Spending with Family

Tuesday, December 27, 2011 Baby Bee 0 Comments

Its 27th Of December which means in another 4 days we are getting to 2012..I purposely did not wish for anything next year...just go with the flow...whatever the flow is actually....my 2011 was a blast...I did my degree in Communication in UPM (freshies) then I manage to settle my outstanding in PTPTN..I am doing my level best to pay up some of the lapok outstanding....and we decide to save money in the year 2012....most importantly is that I am quite happy with my life..of course as usual pressure is all around but still nothing beats when you actually gain something...1 good lesson is to actually pay all the outstanding on time...well I am for the moment still in the middle of everything but hopefully someday it will not prolong to other things...BTW tomorrow I am going to Singapore....and hopefully after a year not going it will be something that I can look forward to..right now just waiting for the bus to Jb to arrive and me just sleeping through it.....so tired...no rest at all ever since early of December...good job bee..pat yourself because u did some new things and u did finish up paying outstanding for lot and lots of things..that's is an achievement....

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