Makcik Bee Wins sumethings in her life (first ever time)

Friday, December 02, 2011 Baby Bee 0 Comments

I've Won......something in my first 28 years of being a human..hahahaha.....Life as it is.....I have never been the one trying my level best to win something...Its quite hard to actually win something u know..but I recently post a thread about How Confident I am from a contest in Hanis Zalikha blogs...and guesss what? makcik bee won..hahahahaha I am still wondering and still happy to know that I have won......I gain 1 new follower in the event..thanks mars-mell-o for following this ramblings....thanks Hanis Zalikha for the contest...and thanks Nuffnang for giving advertising free and of course emailing me...maybe this is just one step to be the glamourous me..hahah I wish....hahaha looking forward to redeem the price on this 13-14 December ...yey meeeee.....

Clik on the link to see much more bout them...hahaah thanks yah.....I am so happy today

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