1 week after clinique skincare regiments

Sunday, February 06, 2011 Baby Bee 0 Comments

Okay..I am going to be posting this kind of thread for a long time..the reason is that...I just used clinique again..after abandoning it for 3 years..the reason is that right seems that so much blacks spot appearing..not sure wether I am not doing the right thing or anything but because I am not a heavy acne girl..kuar la jerawat..tipu tak kuar..tapi kuar pun..sekali sekala...right now what bothers me is ..die jadik kaler I went and bought a trial set...well what I saw in the piccas was...quite ok..i tote..okay i should last me 1 month before I decided to buy the big bottle...tapi bile die dtang..alaah...cumelsss sgt....15ml..travellng what am I to do with it..since I am out of budget..bayao duit insuran kete this month..I just go ahead and used it..kecik pun kecik la..hopefully it last until 24th of feb....hahahha...this month maybe a lil bit kopak..the reason is that.....gaji maybe separuh aje..pasal kontrak not sure sambung bile and got so many bills to pay...kene dahulukan bills la...but en hubby promised to buy for me a new HP....which is because my ole j10i asik hang je...(thanks en hubby....) tapi belom lagi la...maybe tunggu ujung bulan pusing balik I have been using it for 1 weeks..the result is....the dark spot are becoming lighter and I dont have any visual to prove it..I guess I just need to used it for 1 month...for me....its better to try it up first right..before taking a bigger bottle ....and not using it..lame da dengar cerita org kate clinique bagos..tapi most of the time..takde hold aje skang ni bile muke da serabot nengok..I think this is the time for me to actually care for my face..nanti jadik scaring lagi susah nak maintain..kalo bagos lain kali leh try produk lain...been so craving on tring skII tapi belom ader duit as usual....hahaha..ill review again once I finish using the trial sets....:))

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