Face U

Tuesday, February 01, 2011 Baby Bee 0 Comments I have been fans to some of the local bloggers tribute ever since I read some thread they post in their one of my favourite bloggers is Sue Anna Joe... I link her after what she was saying is that its hard to maintain a good healthy looking face now that u're in the end of ur 20's...(that's me one of them) this is the problem...I think I didnt use make up when I was in school up to the age of 20....after that its make up this and make up that..and what bothers me most of the time was blackhead....but then when I came to the age of 27 recently something else was slowly creeping if let say I got a pimple in my face its like a big one and I can't seem to do anything bout one time it will become black and at last there will be a black scars in my face...and to this event...I bought clinique the tester size just to ensure that the pimples and the scars will go Sue Anna Joe is trying some local brand and I am waiting for the result...why? for me...if sumebody can actually manage to do sumething bout all the face pimples and scarring and doesn't cost a millions to actually buy the product..why not try it I am trying to find in my closet any pictures of me without makeup...and check in a few months of weeks later wether the product im using right now can actually help me and my scarring problems.....and by the way...just wan to say Good Luck Sue...hopefully it will be a good product for u and for me (when u reveal) it to try..hahaha

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