The News

Saturday, February 19, 2011 Baby Bee 0 Comments

not so wonderful news...but still its a news..and what I am quite dissapointed is that it doesn't goes as plan...and even when I say I am okay with it..deep down...its actually making me sad...not the normal sad when I feel I am lonely or anything but sad that makes me lethargic...makes me unenergized....I hate this feelings...this 2011 was suppose to be my year to pay all my debts and making sure that this will be a debt free year....but then it doesn't look like I am going to do just that...I hate this won't buzz offf....even when I told myself that its good enough but deep down inside..the 1 year of performance does not mean a things...people would say be patient next year will be you year bull shit..If I am that good this year should be a good year....well whatever it is..this year I will ensure that I bought everything that I want to buy....I just don;'t want to think bout other people's problems...who cares bout my time..its my one have control on them so I hate those people who always bugs me with all the problems in the world esp hell with them..I hate them so much that I feel like living them....

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