Junior MasterChefs

Friday, February 04, 2011 Baby Bee 0 Comments

Have u watch it?...if no..then u should..and like me an avid fan of masterchef now its a junior version of it....u witness all the small girls and boys cooking like a pro..I remember when I was still in my junior years of schooling..mama and abah both of them most of the time..I will be left alone especially when I finish school I would go back and watch tele..of course at that time u don't have all those fancy reality food program but...I tend to do whatever recipe in the tele...I am still spoilt..I know how to cook..but I never did cook when mama and abah was around...only when abah was not there I start to cook..I guess what ever food that I cook reminds me of him....even when he was gone 7 years ago I still remember him as my cooking idol...opss not to forget..mum's teaches me all the malays cuisine...abah teaches me all the indian's its a balance..and till now whenever I went back home I still prefer my mum's cooking most of the this junior masterchef is actually reminicense of me when I was little..but still its a good way for me to actually in awe with how good this kids ill update whenever I have time on my right now like show..hehehe..although I know who wins..but still its still sumething that I want to see everyday...hehehe

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